A Guide to Your Ultimate Model Train Gift Selection

It can be really hard to shop for model railroaders or model trains, especially when you are going to be gifting them soon to someone special. It’s fine as long as you are shopping for yourself because we know what our personalities are like, and what sort of model train can suit us best. But when you are looking for a model train to gift to your young nephew or your uncle who just retired from the navy, then it can get a tad bit tricky. However, don’t break a sweat! We have the perfect guide that will allow you to purchase the ultimate model train, and after following a few simple steps, you will become a pro at model train gift selections.

  • If you give someone a present based on something that has been, at one point or another, a part of their lives, they might like it better. So say for example, the uncle mentioned above might like a layout in which the landscape is a sea side. When choosing for a child, it would be safe to buy something that is covered in bright bold colors, and gives a Christmassy effect.​
  • It is absolutely imperative that you get to know your modelers. For example, if you know the person you will be gifting to likes old products manufactured in the 1950s, then there are some specific companies in this niche that have a specialty in making just those model trains. Most companies have their premier lines, and it is best to chose what they are best at.
  • Make sure you get the model train that is the right size. Do a little research on what scales like HO scale, N scale and Z scale are. Some model trains will be much bigger than others. Giving someone a mega sized train sure will look grand, but it won’t be any use to them if they don’t have enough space to display them in their home somewhere.
  • Suppose the person you are choosing your gift for already has a model train layout and you are looking for some kind of railroad structures or objects that will add to the landscape. A model railroad needs other things than just trains. Examples include human figures, trees, lights, and other accessories. Make sure that it matches the landscape of the already existing lay out. A live steam powered locomotive will look very odd if it is coupled with other modern locomotives that are powered by electricity.
  • If you are really worried about not being able to find something that will suit their taste, then go for something they already have. They might just need another human figure to add to the police force in the landscape. Multiples are no problem for model railway transportation and layout collectors. Things like couplers and switchers, or an extra set of rechargeable locomotive batteries will prove to be very handy for them too.