Popular Model Train Sets

Constructing model train sets for some people is more than just a hobby or pastime. It becomes a passion that they live for – an obsession even. Enthusiastic model train hobbyists often choose a certain time period or a theme that they want to depict through their model railway.  For them it is more of a work of art.

One of such a model train set it the Grand Street and Three Rivers Railroad, which is set in a fictitious city called Three Rivers City. The city is based on a mixture of Chicago and Manhattan. The model train set included structures such as skyscrapers that are 5 feet tall, as well as busy looking pedestrians in huge numbers and cars and vehicles at every turn of the road. The model train set covers an area of 23 by 124 feet and is privately owned by the rock star Rod Stewart.

Who knew his hobby would be rail transport modeling! Building model train sets has helped him relax during a stressful career since a pretty long time. He began taking it seriously in the year 1933, and he openly declared making a large model railroad in his mansion in Beverly Hills, for which he put aside a separate room. He has used the method called kit bashing in order to construct his model railroad set. This method basically employs using more than one model kit to make a layout or a model train set. Three Rivers City has been featured in the Railroader Magazine, and since very few people have actually gone into his home and seen the model train in person, this is all they can rely on to judge that it is indeed one of the best current examples of rail transport modeling in the world.

George Sellios is the owner of the company Fine Scale Miniatures in Peabody, Massachusetts. It was established in 1967 and is known for making model railway structure kits of tremendously high quality. George started making a diorama whose area exceeded 1600 square meters using his own products – and what better way to market his company! The work he started in 1985 has gone on to become one of the most recognized sets in the model train niche.

The name he has given to his model train set is Franklin & South Manchester (F&SM) Railroad. Its theme depicts a New England town in the era of Depression. It shows buildings and street signs with faded paints and bridges and byways covered with moss. The whole atmosphere is that of despair and it is definitely an unusual theme, when most people who choose to depict only the sunny side of things. Franklin & South Manchester Railroad’s layout is still evolving. George continues to work on his model three months each year, and the rest of time he spends on developing new kits. If the online pictures are not enough for a passionate modeler, then he can see his miniature work by scheduling an appointment.