Notable N Scale Model Layouts

A model train layout is a miniature three dimensional model that contains tracks for operating trains. These can be enclosed in a glass case or left out in the open for exhibit. There are many awesome model layout made in the N scale throughout the world.

One such layout is a replica of the Stuttgart railway station in Germany, built by Wolfgang Frey in 1978. After three decades, it has expanded to more than 8000 square feet. There was some widespread research on the Stuttgart railway station involved before the model train layout could be constructed. It is now controlled by over 27 computers complete with detailed features and signaling systems. Although this model train layout is privately owned, it has a separate website where interested model train collectors and hobbyists can read all about it and gain some insight.

Another notable N scale model train layout is the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. This huge layout comprises of more than 33 miles of rail track as well as many miniature replicas of San Diego structures such as the Carrizo Gorge’s Goat Canyon Trestle, Santa Fe Depot, Western Metal Supply Building, Carlsbad, the Palomar Observatory, the American Agar building and Californian flower fields. Many of the miniature versions were made by acquiring the blueprints to the real buildings first, so as to make sure that the exact same building can be made on a reduced scale. An example of this is the Santa Fe Depot which was also featured in the magazine ‘Model Railroader’. This goes to show that it is not only the model trains but also the structures that are equally important in completing the look of a layout. The San Diego Model Railroad has the option of being operated manually as well as through the control of a computer. Trains can be made to run as easily as with a single click of a mouse.

Another very famous N scale model train layout is the Clinchfield , which was built in the Unites States of America in 1978 by Gordon Odegard. This, like the San Diego Model Railroad’s Santa Fe Depot, was featured in the magazine ‘Model Railroader’. The measurements of this model train layout are 6 into 13 feet.  It is transportable because of the special way that it has been constructed and because of the materials used in its construction. Both the aluminum frame and the Styrofoam slash down on its weight.

An example of a semi-public model train layout would be the East Valley Lines, which is located in Los Angeles, California. It is part of Griffith Park, and so it means that any enthusiastic model train hobbyist can have a look at this inspiring layout.