Popular Model Railway Brands

Model trains can be divided into two types: toy trains and scaled models. Toy trains are so called because they are not accurate enough in their ratios to the real train/railway. Therefore, it is very important to be able to tell the difference between companies like Lionel, which are primarily toy train manufacturers and Atlas model Railroad Company that produces specifically scaled models for hobbyists and collectors. Here we will talk about two major model railway brands.

Atlas Model Trains:

Atlas was established in 1940. Atlas is a name every avid collector of model trains would need to memorize by heart. Though it began with production in only the HO scale, this company can be now thought of as a jack of all trades as it offers complete lines in the most popular scales, N, HO and O scales. It focuses on developing more innovative ideas and designs to stay on top in the railway transport modeling industry.

Atlas products can also be found on online retail websites. Atlas produces both expensive limited edition locomotives and cars and common items like tracks, freight cars and modern diesels that are more affordable but of good quality nonetheless. The prices of freight cars, for example can range from about 10 dollars to 30 dollars, and locomotives can range from 70 dollars to up to 300 dollars. The huge range of pricing allows collectors to be able to pick out exactly what they want in terms of how much they can spend. Other items that would complement your model train empires are printed books that provide unique plans and details of parts available. The products manufactured by Atlas confirm to the standards set the National Model Railroad Association, so you can be assure of a wonderful quality.

Athearn Model Trains

Athearn was founded in 1946 by Irv Athearn and then acquired by Horizon Hobbies in 2004. However, the company still continues to manufacture model trains under its traditional name. In the beginning, F7 diesels and switchers powered by rubber bands were an all time favorite among model train collectors because of their affordable prices. The famous Athearn blue box kits found their way in the homes of almost every hobbyist.

Athearn now produces a number of lines, one of which include the Genesis line. The Genesis line is the premier product line of Athearn. All the models produced within this line are limited edition, and have intricate detailing done on them. There are also some structures that can be added on to specific railroads and locomotives have the option to be made with or without built in sound.

Genesis products are in great demand, and as soon as they are released, they are immediately sold out. This is also because of the limited number in which they are manufactured. Model train collectors have to be on the lookout for such releases, though they don’t need to fret, since the company also releases re-runs with minor adjustments made to the new versions such as different paint etc.