How to Select the Best Model Train Set

If you are looking for the perfect model train for yourself or your loved ones, then you can often find yourself confused about what exactly to buy. There are just so many options and alternative available in the market, that the decision can be mind boggling, and in some cases, also pretty intimidating. You have to keep in mind, that in order to get into this niche, buying a simple locomotive won’t suffice; you have to purchase things that will enable to construct a proper layout. A few simple guidelines given in this article will greatly help you with your purchase decisions.

First of all, you have to decide what size will suit you best. The proper terminology for size is called ‘scale’ in the railway transport modeling niche. Some scales like N scale will be smaller than scales like HO. Make sure that you use the one that you have enough space for in your house. This will be just as helpful when buying for you as when gifting a model train to someone.

Remember that buying a model train set means buying a lot of different items and structures. It is perfectly okay to have items from different companies in one set. There are some companies that are better at producing certain types of products like collectibles than others. So some research can go a long way when deciding what model train set to buy. In the same way, when it comes to power, you have to decide what model you want to buy in terms of power. Companies like Lionel provide sound control with its transformers while companies like Atlas and Bachmann produce models with larger power supplies. If you want to be able to control many locomotives at the same time, then you might want to go for a model train set that has the option of DCC (Digital Command Control). This also minimizes wiring in layouts. Also available are upgrades to this technology so as to keep your model up to date with the times, without having to replace the decoder.

When selecting model train sets, it is best to choose ones that have raised plastic bases that represent the ballasts and the ties. These are called integrated roadbed tracks, and each company has their own versions that they have given signature names to. Not only does this type of track make the model trains set look more realistic, it also makes it suitable to use on carpeted floors and enables the sections to hold together better. The final things that you have to cater to are things like the appearance and outer quality that any beginner can also judge in terms of price. Make sure that it is well painted, is sold by an authentic source, and contains all the features that are listed on the packaging.